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Odyssey | Rugged H.264 Network Video Codec

The Odyssey family is Teradek's line of advanced, ruggedized, H.264 network video codecs. Currently five models are available in a variety of codecs, encoders, and decoders.

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    Powerful HD/SD Decoders

    On the receiving end Odyssey is capable of decoding and displaying up to six channels of 30FPS D1 multiplexed on a single channel of HD 1080p video. Odyssey's HD video quality over IP is equivalent to the latest generation of Blu-Ray players.

    HDMI Video Output

    Video is only as good as your ability to display it. Odyssey's 1HDc features a HDMI output for displaying HD video with a screen resolution of up to 1920 x 1080. It also features a composite video output for legacy support. Odyssey can display the local video input or remotely captured video in a single screen, or multiplexed mode on either output. Odyssey includes an advanced OSD featuring 1x, 2x, 8x, 8x+ tile modes plus sequencing, picture-in-picture, scaling, advanced video analytics, motion detection with sensitivity controls, and serial communication for PTZ control or point of sale integration. Robust SHA Watermarking complies with the highest standards for law enforcement authentication.

    Odyssey's 1HDc codec is capable of encoding and streaming a single channel of HD 1080p video. The 4 SD version is capable of streaming 120FPS of real-time full-resolution D1 video providing four channels of 30FPS DVD quality NTSC/PAL video over IP.


    TED10-1HDe5: 1ch HD Encoder - 5 wire Component in RGB+HV
    TED10-1HDe3: 1ch HD Encoder - 3 wire Component RGB, Sync green
    TED10-1HDc: 1ch HD Codec - 1HDMI in, 1 HDMI out
    TED10-4SDe: 4ch SD Encoder - 4 Composite SD in, 1 comp SD out

    Common Features

    • H.264 High Profile (L4.1) Video Compression

    • Compatible with Virtually All Video Interfaces

    • Small, Rugged Enclosure, Low Power Consumption

    • 24/7 Reliability with No Moving Parts

    • Gigabit Ethernet, PoE & USB 2.0 Connectivity

    • Built-in Web Server with Advanced WebUI

    • Sophisticated OSD Including Alpha Blending

    • 6 Pin Terminal Block for Serial and Alarm I/O

    • Auto Discover, Auto Config., Distributed C3

    • Designed & Manufactured in California, USA

    Elegant Interface

    Odyssey is a power efficient and robust design. Installation and operation are easy. To simplify installation Odyssey features Power over Ethernet (PoE). Odyssey includes an advanced built-in web server that automatically discovers and pairs with other Teradek devices. Viewing live video, plus all control and firmware upgrades are performed via a standard web browser. Odyssey features a USB interface for capture and playback of audio/video, or input controls via a mouse and keyboard.

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