Teradek Cube

The Cube line of H.264 codecs offer a powerful all-in-one solution for live streaming, iOS monitoring and point to point broadcasting for SDI and HDMI video sources

Cube 600 series OLED frontpanel navigation and HDMI 3G-SDI connectors, power, analog audio, ethernet

Built for Professionals

Enclosed in a hardened aluminum chassis and fitted with an authentic Lemo power connector, the Cube series of encoders is built for durability and longevity. Cube comes in HD-SDI, HDMI, composite, and dual input models and includes both a line out and mic input for external audio connections.

cube with bond and USB Modem support for bonding

Internet Connectivity

Stream online over 2.4/5GHz 802.11ac WiFi, Ethernet, or 3G/4G/LTE networks using a mobile hotspot, USB modem or your smartphone’s data connection. If you require additional bandwidth, Cube allows you to stream over multiple cellular network connections.

Bonded Network Streaming Built In

The Cube 655 allows you to stream over aggregated bandwidth from Ethernet, WiFi, and cellular sources for a more reliable and robust broadcast. Simply connect your Cube to a Sputnik server hosted on your Core account, enable the network connections you wish to use, and begin your broadcast with the streaming protocol of your choice.

Even if you don’t have Ethernet or a cellular modem available, the Cube 655 can bond together up to 4 iPhone LTE connections using the free TeraLink application for iOS.

* Core subscription required

iOs interface showing bonding

Wireless Capabilities

Using the free TeraView applications for iOS, Cube users can monitor and configure their units over WiFi.

CoreLink iOS App for Bonding network streams

Proxy Recording

Cube can record your live broadcasts directly to an SD card so you always have a backup just in case.* Each recording is saved with the same resolution and bit rate set on the device.

*Supports 32GB FAT32 cards. 

Cube 600 series with SD Card Slot for proxy recording

Cube can be used for...

Web Streaming

Live stream to Facebook, YouTube, Periscope or any online video platform

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Real-time confidence monitoring on iOS and professional devices

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Point to Point

IP video transmission and distribution

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Facebook, YouTube, Livestream, UStream, Periscope,  Twitch, Wowza logos have native integration with Cube

Compatible with any Streaming Platform

Cube can stream to any online video platform and includes native integration with Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope, Ustream, Livestream, and Twitch.tv, offering a quick and seamless streaming experience.

Need to stream to your own private server? Cube products are also integrated with Wowza’s Streaming Engine.

Multipoint Streaming with Core

Using the Core Cloud Management Platform, Cube can publish a live stream to any number of online video platforms at the same time. Learn more about Core.

Diagram of core cloud management which allows you to stream to any platform

Live:Air Integration

Turn your live stream into a professional production with the Live:Air application for iOS. Switch between multiple live or recorded feeds, add lower thirds, or overlay graphics on your live broadcast. Learn more about Live:Air.

iPads running Live:Air with live concert footage allowing switching between multiple live feeds, lower thirds and overlays

Point to Point

Transmit high definition video from any HDMI, HD-SDI, or composite video source over the Internet or on local networks at extremely low latency. Cube is compatible with a variety of stream protocols, including MPEG-TS, TDS, and RTSP/RTP.

All Cube encoders can stream to Cube, Slice, and T-Rax decoders, in addition to 3rd party decoding solutions compatible with MPEG-TS.

diagram displaying how cube might be used for point to point streaming

Closed-Captioning Support

Cube SDI encoders support EIA-608 and EIA-708 closed-captioning via H.264 SEI insertion, as per SCTE 128-1.

monitor with closed captioning

Cloud Codec Management Platform

With Core, a single Cube encoder can stream to any number of destinations around the world. From an intuitive drag and drop interface, Core users can configure and route their Teradek encoder feeds to decoders, online video platforms, or even another company’s Sputnik server all in real time. Learn more about Core here.

display of the Core Interface

Local iOS Monitoring

Stream live high definition video from Cube to multiple iOS devices at just 4 frames of latency over WiFi. With Cube 655, you can stream your live video footage to 8 smartphones or tablets at one time.

TeraView Application

For multi-camera shoots, turn your iOS tablet into a multi-view monitor with the free Teraview application. Teraview lets you view up to 4 separate live video feeds from Cube encoders in real-time.

ipad pro, ipad, iphone displaying the TeraView app for monitoring multi-camera shoots

Remote Monitoring

If you prefer to observe your footage on a traditional monitor, computer, or television, the Cube decoder is the solution for you. Using RTSP or other compatible stream modes, Cube encoders can stream to Cube decoders over the Internet or on a local network at latency as low as 200ms.

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